Market Rates

Kadoo Bureau de Change
is one of the top and Bureau de Change in Tanzania, with very attractive rates for the exchange of your money’s worth. The Bureau guarantees that you will pay no more in commission charges than you would in any Bureau De Change or Bank, and often the overall deal is better.

For more than 8 years dealing in buying and selling currencies. We’re big enough to be able to buy and sell currency at competitive rates, but small enough so that we have never lost that all-important personal touch and, with many years experience behind us, we are able to guide our customers around all the potential downsides that can be associated with the unwary in the foreign exchange market. 

As we cover Dar es Salaam uptodate we have six branches, Mlimani City, Samora, Sinza, Uhuru, Sikukuu, and Namanga.

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